Lesson 15: Using Masks

For this assignment you will need 5 separate images total. You may combine images. But in the end you will need 5 images to post to your THIS HAS BEEN REVISED SO PLEASE LOOK AT YOUR HANDOUT.

For your Artist Statement you will need to title each of the 5 images. You will need to post and publish on your weebly on a New Page titled Masks.

First open up Photoshop and open up the file you would like to create a mask on. Next when the image is open make a copy of the image by clicking on the background and either using the control command + j or dragging the background to the new paper icon the the left of the trash.

Second you will make the copied layer image a Black and White image by clicking on the Black and White icon in the Adjustments panel. If you can not see the Adjustments go to Window- Adjustment and make sure it is checked. If it is checked but you cannot find it look in the tabs of your other panels.

Next you will click/ highlight both layers (Background copy and the layer with the Black & White Adjustment). You can do this by clicking on the Background copy and than holding down the command key and clicking on the Black & White Adjustment layer. Now both are highlighted. Next you will click command + e to merge the layers.

Next you will click on the layer that has been merged (Black & White 1) and click on the Mask icon which is the 5th one from the right. It looks like i rectangle with a hole in the center.

A new image will be next to your Black & White copy. Make sure to stay on this white canvas for the remainder of this process.

Next you will make sure that your colors on the left Tool Bar are set with black on top and white beneath. Click on the colors to change them. Black reveals and white conceals.

Make sure that you click on your Paint Brush Tool and that the size is correct and that it is set at a Normal mode. If you have trouble this is why. The above picture shows you where the Normal mode for the Brush Tool is. Once you have this set correctly go ahead and paint the image using the black to reveal or erase. If you make a mistake you need to switch to the white for the top color to conceal or put back.

Another example.

Have fun!

This is what I should see on your Weebly.

Three of Hearts

These flowers are from my parents garden that we planted last year for Mother's Day. The three flowers represent my sister, my brother and myself. I am the middle child so it was interesting that the middle flower is facing the camera. Unlike my sibling I definitely am the more outgoing one but I feel very shy and I am often concerned I come off to showy like this flower.

I See the World In His Eyes.

This image is of my son's eye. I love how blue they are. I often find myself watching him and specifically his eyes. I wonder what he sees and what he thinks about. I feel that the world is so open to him and that the world is his to explore.

Video tutorial is below.

A more challenging way to use Masks for the adventurous.