Lesson 9- Still-life Photography

Still-life Photography

A still life can be a lot of fun. Choose items you love, ones that represent a celebration or do a color theme. It is up to you. You decide.

Some great still life photographers are: Sam Kaplan, Emilie BlincoeJan GrooverDavid Ashman, Matthew BensonSandy SkoglandEdward Weston, Dina Belenko, Mikkel Jul Hvilshoj Holly Lackner and Christina Greve.

Great article about creating a Still Life:

Another great tool is to watch the video "7 Secrets To Creating Beautiful Still Lives iPhone Photos."

How to Make Homemade Background by Christina Greve.

Still Life Artist Statement

A still life photographer makes pictures rather than simply takes them. The photographer has control over every aspect of the scene. It requires the photographer to preplan the image and set it up. Think composition. Make it dramatic. Make the viewer really see the objects in a new way.

Your WILL WRITE 5 artist statements. One for each STILL LIFE. They need to be a minimum of 5 sentences in which you describe how you set up your still life, what is the still life and why is it important for you to document through photography.

You need a total of 50 photos of which 20 are edited and 20 (4 of each Still Life is posted on your per approval.) Save all 50 images to your Still Life Folder. Post 4 images of each Still Life to your Weebly. Make sure to edit in Photoshop (Adjustments- start with curves first and use the other functions contrast, balance, exposure and vibrancy sparingly).

Out of the 4 edited images per Still Life you will apply one of the 15 Filters found in the Filter Gallery and one of the Artistic Filters to 3 of these (per Still Life). The 15 you will need to apply are: Colored Pencils, Cutout, Dry Brush, Film Grain, Fresco, Neon Glow, Paint Dabs, Palette Knife, Plastic Wrap, Poster Edges, Rough Pastels, Smudge Stick, Sponge, Underpainting and Watercolor. Each Artistic Filter can be used once and you will need to explore the options further with Brush Strokes, Distort, Sketches, Stylize and Texture.

Remember to add a new layer in order for the added

To view the worksheets please look below. To download the worksheets click on the title you need here: Still Life ProjectStill Life Artist Statement, and Digital Photography 1 Rubric.