Lesson 11: Architecture and Blueprint

Architecture and Blueprints

Another great article is Architecture Photography: Beauty of Interior and Exterior Designs by

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Taking photographs of Architecture or a Location such as a diner or shop is an excellent way to express how you fell about that place. To achieve this you will need to be aware of such things as lighting and viewpoint. Time of day is also a major factor. You may choose to shoot at dawn, noon, in the evening, dusk or after dark. If shooting a city scene, take advantage of the street lights but I do not want the lights in the image. The light you choose can really add drama, emphasis and mood to your photos. Make sure to crop the image within your viewfinder. Plan your composition. Take pictures from different angles and perspectives. Take wide angles shots that show the whole building as well as close ups. You need 5 buildings. The more variety the better your later projects will be.

Photo Guidelines
You must turn in a minimum of 25 of your best photos to your Architecture folder. Please do not include people or animals in your photos.

Save all photos taken in a folder named “Your name- Architect Photos”. Edit 3. 

Post your top 2 edited and the additional 1 will become a blueprint.

Artist Statements including 5 Titles. You are to write a one-paragraph (5 sentences minimum) narrative to accompany each of the locations you photographed (5) and title your photos (10) you post to your weebly. Your statement should discuss what & where you chose to take your photos, why you choose the composition and what feeling are you trying to convey. Please include any trial, errors and triumphs you had with the photos.

Blueprints for Architecture

You will need to do one blueprint for each location (5). You must use one of the 2 you edited. Photoshop: Transform a Photo into an Architect's BLUEPRINT Drawing.

To download the worksheets please click on the name of the one you need: Architecture, Blueprint and Rubric.