Final Research Project

Please fill out the sheet below and post all the information on your including your 3 final images. Make sure to compare and contrast using the Elements and Principles of Art, the 10 Rules and Composition 101.


This project is worth 100 out of 200 points of your Digital Photography 1 FINAL. This project breaks down to 70 points for research and 30 for YOUR Images.

Photography Research Information

Choose a Photographer to research, and record the relevant information below. This sheet will be collected and graded, so be thorough. Be sure to record your 3 sources! No Wikipedia. You may use Wikipedia only if you follow and source the original source.

Please post your answers ONLY on your weebly along with the Photographer’s images that inspired you and your images that were done in their style. Make sure to have a Resource section for the information you have for your facts (minimum of 3 sources).

Name of Artist:
Dates of Artist’s Life:
1. Personal Background: (5 sentences. Culture, nationality, schooling, important life events, etc.)

2. Style: (5 sentences. What visual characteristics does this artist’s work possess? If you can compare it to a painting or art history style please do.)

3. Philosophy: (5 sentences. What were the major ideas behind this artist’s work? Where they personal, political, social, etc. What were they trying to “say” with their photographs?)

4. Influences: (5 sentences. How has the photographer influenced you in your work?)

5. Sources: You need to include the 3 images, their title and their source (which may include a link).

6. Compare and Contrast: You will need to compare and contrast your final 3 images with the 3 images you choose by your photographer. Write about each piece (5 sentence.)

7. Personal Artist Statement: Your images should tell a story. In 5 sentences tell me about your image

Click HERE to download the worksheet.