Selfie Collage


You will need to create a self collage. Each student will need to choose 5 photos of their own plus a Selfie that they have taken and edit them in iPhoto first. Remember a Selfie is defined by being taken by one's self. Size can be checked and edited in Preview under the tools section.

Once done with edits, take your photos into Photoshop and creative a SELF-PORTRAIT. The self portrait must contain a background and 5 layers minimum. The layers have to have something in them that reflect the artist creating the image. The best way to create a collage is to cut images to size, take out backgrounds and use transparency.

For inspiration please visit the following link that is 10 Ways To Create Unique Self Portrait iPhone Photos at inspiring

Please view the checklist & artist statement directions as well as the rubric below or click on Self Collage Rubric to download.