Blurring the Background

To Start This process - Open your Image
1. Duplicate the background . 
2. Clone or patch out your subject. I prefer patch especially in CS6-CC .  When doing this you can cheat by only cloning out the edges we are only trying to avoid the blur flare off our subject.
LENS BLUR - Click to see full settings
3. Use quick selection to select your subjects. then go to Select/Save selection name it and save. 
4. Deselect now go to lens blur and use the settings to right adjusting your the radius only.
5. Click your blur layer and Create a mask
6. Now click the Fill Gradient tool.. Make sure its black and white. Click on the Mask Tool and go over to your image and make a straight line going up and down.. it should unblur some of the bottom of your image making it look a bit more natural. 
7. Be sure you are still on the layer mask on your layer. Go up to load selection and choose your selection.
8. check your color pallete be sure the background color is black. With your selection selected and black being your background color click DEL on your keyboard that should make
your subjects now stand out. and no longer be Blurred.