Friday, 30 January 2015

Midterm Mastery Report

Name ____________________________________________           Hour _________________

Mastery: Photographer Research

This report will have the following information included in it. You will need to head each paragraph with the sections being answered. Typed.

Name of Artist:

Date of Artist’s Life:

Personal Background: (culture, nationality, schooling, important life events, ect) 5 Facts and 10 sentences.

Style of Photography: (What visual characteristics does this artist’s work possess?) Name as many different applications or processes the artist uses and examples of work. Minimum 3 images and 10 sentences.

Philosophy: (What were the major ideas behind the artist’s work? Where they personal, political, social, etc.? What were they trying to say?)10 sentences.

Influences: (What earlier, styles, artists and philosophies was this artist reacting to?) 10 sentences.

Impact: (How does this person’s work affect later movements or artist?) 5 sentences

Resources: (Can not be Wikipedia.) At least 3.

Harry Callahan- Contemporary Photographer J                        Alex Stoddard- Fantasy Photographer
Jerry Uelsmann- Contemporary Photographer              Brooke Shaden- Fnatasy Photography
Gregory Crewdson- Contemporary Photographer         Alessio Albi- Fantasy Photographer
Bronek Kozka- Contemporary Photgrapher                   Yutha Yamanake- Fantasy Photographer
Cindy Sherman- Contemporary Photographer             Logan Zilmer- Fantasy Photogrpaher
William Wegman- Contemporary Photgrapher             Kyle Thompson- Fantasy Photographer
Shelly Corbett- Contemporary Photographer
Uta Bath- Contemporary Photographer
Jeff Wall- Contemporary Photographer
Hiroshi Sugimoto- Contemporary Photographer
Holly Andres- Contemporary Photographer
Andy Goldsworthy- Contemporary Photgrapher
Alex Prager- Contemporary Photographer