Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Final Research Link

Here is a quick guideline that will be helpful for you to have an awesome Final Research Project. Remember you will need to have 12 photos (including title and date) done by the Photographer of which 3 will be critiqued in detail, 3 facts about the Photographer, 3 photos done by you in the style of the Photographer and a research page.

Slide 1- Title page that includes artist, author and image #1.

Slide 2- Facts #1 and #2 about the Photographer and image #2.

Slide 3- Fact #3 and image #3.

Note: You may double up on the slides but make sure to have 12. The last 3 should have their own slide as they are the ones you are critiquing.

Slide 4- Image #4

Slide 5- Image #5

Slide 6- Image #6

Slide 7- Image #7

Slide 8- Image #8

Slide 9- Image #9

Slide 10- Image #10 including critique.

Slide 11- Image #11 including critique.

Slide 12- Image #12 including critique.

Slide 13- Your images 1-3. You may have individual slides for each. Make sure to title each and add a date. You may also include the other 10 if you would like.

Slide 14- Your Resources.

You may have more or less slides. Keep it casual.

An example shown in class.


Monday, 13 October 2014

Shadow Pictures Project Ideas

For the Shadow Assignment you will create Shadow Pictures. Please see rubric. Remember to title each image in place of an artist statement. The rubric has been added. 


Shadow Rubric