Lesson 8- Working with Objects

Working with Objects

We Have Moss by Shelly Corbett.

Shelly Corbett is great at taking images of objects. Her newest series is on Lego Figures which she places within an environment. Another Object Photographer includes Wendell White. Some other Still Life Photographers: Marcel Christ, Nori, Ray Massey,  David ArkyJan GrooverDavid AshmanSandy SkoglandEdward Weston and Holly Lackner) do this as well as some of the Surreal of Fantasy Photographers (Alex Stoddard, Brooke Shaden, Kyle Thompson, Logan Zilmer, Yutha Yamanake and Alessio Albi) and Contemporary Photographers (Jerry Uelsmann, Gregory Crewdson, Bronek Kozka, William Wegman, Uta Bath, Jeff Wall, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Holly Andres, Andy Goldsworthy and Alex Prager). 

Other Resources: 

10 Easy Ways To Create Stunning Minimalist Compositions at 

Use the link to see how to approach your object in different direction by viewing the video Shoot the Same Object with No Repeats:

Watch the Still Life video to get some creative background ideas:

Object Lesson in History

26 Imaginative Images if Inanimate Objects

You could even make a turntable.

The idea of using the different Pixelate filters (found in Filter- Pixelate) is so that one learns to have well cropped and high resolution. Images will have the filters found in Pixelate applied to each different Object (Color Halftone, Crystalize, Mezzotint, Mosiac and Pointalize).

More samples of Object work can be viewed in the article 40 Amazing Macro Shots found  at

 Edited Image
Edits highlighted (command and click) and compressed (command + e)

Filter added (Filter- Pixelate- Mosiac)

Added color and Saved as a PeacockMosiac.jpg.

Object Project: Title and Artist Statement 

As you took your photos of your object you may have been thinking about a story or a memory that you have attached to this object or maybe you really just liked the way it looked and photographed. Your artist statement need to describe the object in as much detail as you can. If the setting or time of the day has any relevance to your photo please describe it. Tell me how you feel about your object and why. I want at least 10 sentences. You can include the struggles you had with photographing it especially if it was a small object or the triumphs you had with you object.

Please make sure to have the Artist Statement done and ready to turn in with the Digital Photography I Project Rubric and make sure to fill out Self Evaluation.

To view the worksheets please look below. To download the worksheets click on the title you need here: Object ProjectObject Checklist and Artist Statement and Digital Photography Rubric.