Lesson 7- Photographing People

Photographing People: Selfies, Figures, Portraits and Groups

Here's a few selfies to inspire you:

The Art of Portrait Photography | Off Book | PBS Digital Studios

Please check out the following Portrait Photographers: Ameen HowraniRichard Avedon, Steve McCurry, Bill Owens, Mary Ellen Mark, Carrie Mae Weems, Jan Meissner, Cass Bird, Annie Leibovitz, Peter Turnley, Gabi Ben Avrahahn, Diane Arbus, Brandon Stanton, Gordon Parks, Coreen Simpson, Shirin Neshat, Luis Garvan and Cristina Hoch.

Another inspiration is the work of a 15 year old David. You can see his work here:

Another great place to get inspired for portrait is looking at the images in the article Portraiture Photography By Famous Photographers.

Artist Statement for Portraits

Please write a story about one of the people or animals that you took a portrait of. In no less than 3 sentences describe that person or animal and what they mean to you. Write 2 complete sentences about the environment in which you took the photos and how you arranged the best possible image. And in no less than 3 sentences finish by telling me about the challenges and triumphs you feel you accomplished while taking these portrait. Use the vocabulary from Composition 101- rule of thirds, formal balance, informal balance, lighting, grouping (set up), selective focus, horizon line, leading lines and framing.

Please make sure to have the Artist Statement done and ready to turn in with the Digital Photography I Project Rubric and make sure to fill out Self Evaluation.

To view the worksheets please look below. To download the worksheets click on the title you need here: Photographing People, Portrait Artist Statement and Digital Photography Rubric.