Lesson 16- Self Portrait- Double Exposure

dou·ble ex·po·sure
  1. the repeated exposure of a photographic plate or film to light, often producing ghost images.

Self Portrait- Double Exposure

For this assignment you will need to take a photo of yourself with minimal background noise. A neutral background or one that can easily be removed is the best. Once your selfie is done you will need to take a photo of a place or an object that means a lot to you because this is your last visual ethnography. The juxtaposition of the two images needs to be epic. The 2 images put together need to make me see who you are. You will still need to write an Artist Statement as you will be comparing this new Selfie with your Selfie you did in the beginning of the trimester. You new Selfie should be better and visually more powerful. 

Before I take you through the process I will give you examples of the Double Exposure. 

For your worksheet part of this assignment you will need to follow the 2 links and answer the 10 questions. The first article is Photofocus' 26 Most Creative Double Exposure Photographs and the second article is Layers Magazine's 10 Photographers Creating Enigmatic Works with Double Exposures.

You will need the following (click on to download and view below) Double Exposure Worksheet, Double Exposure DirectionsDouble Exposure Checklist and Double Exposure Rubric. Make sure to turn in the  Double Exposure Worksheet, Double Exposure Checklist and Double Exposure Rubric with the Self Evaluation filled out.

Just in case you would like a different way to create a Double Exposure the video below will provide the same results but be careful because it can be confusing because it uses channels. Check out the the following link for another perspective which is text based: How To Create a Double Exposure Effect in Photoshop.