Friday, 20 January 2017

January 20th Please read.


Please refrain from using your cell phone and head phones only if you are listen to music as the classroom norm.

Today 1/20/17. You need to finish your Independent Photo Shoot. Make sure they are well edited. Post the best 10 to your weebly and make sure they all have titles. If you need an extension you need to email me at by the end of 4th hour today. No exceptions. This is not a mastery assignment so no redos.

Due Monday 1/23/17. You need to have Journal #7 completed.

Also on 1/23/17 you need to have 25 Architecture images to edit. Please read the handout or go to the site. NO SIDEWALKS, NO PEOPLE, NO ANIMALS, NO LAMPPOSTS, and NO WIRES IN THE SKYLINE. Have fun and be creative.