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Artist Statement

Please read the article Conquering the Dreaded Artist Statement: Expert Advice for Writing About Art Photography.


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Climate Survey

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Tips for 10 Rules

Tips for the 10 Rules of Photography Project

Make sure all your images are under 8 inches by 10 inches and all have the same resolution. Your Photoshop canvas will be about 8 inches by 10 inches so you will transform you image when you make the collage.

Resize all your images in Preview before you open Photoshop. Watch the video

Make sure your new file in Photoshop is the right size and RESOLUTION.

After you images are edited and you have a new file open watch the video if you need help with making your collage in Photoshop

It is best to lay out all of your images first and than label them using the text tool. Be careful with your layers. If you cannot see the text it is because the layer the text is on needs to be above the image. Watch the video

It might be best to compress all your images layers together before you start the text layers.

Remember to label the images with the corresponding words (no definitions) and make sure to label it the 10 Rules of Photography.

1.     Rule of Thirds
2.     2. Balancing Elements
3.     3. Leading Lines
4.     Viewpoints
5.     Background
6.     Symmetry and Patterns
7.     Depth
8.     Framing
9.     Cropping
10.  Experimentation

Your font is important.