Sunday, 22 February 2015

Photographer Research PowerPoint Slide Instructions

Name __________________________ Hour ______________ Due _______________
Photographer Research PowerPoint
Here is a quick guideline that will be helpful for you to have an awesome Final Research Project. Remember you will need to have 12 images (including title and date) done by the Photographer Artist of which 3 will be critiqued in detail, 3 facts about the Photographer, 3 images done by you in the style of the Photographer and a resource page. As far the critique think Elements and Principles of Art and use those terms to consider if the artist did it well. Pick 4 terms to use in your critique think 4 sentences per slide. Slide 13- Your 1st image. You will need a title for each of the 3 pieces.

Slide 1- Title page that includes artist, author and image #1.

Slide 2- Facts #1 and #2 about the Photographer and image #2.

Slide 3- Fact #3 and image #3.

Note: You may double up on the slides but make sure to have 12. The last 3 should have their own slide as they are the ones you are critiquing.

Slide 4- Image #4

Slide 5- Image #5

Slide 6- Image #6

Slide 7- Image #7

Slide 8- Image #8

Slide 9- Image #9

Slide 10- Image #10 including critique.

Slide 11- Image #11 including critique.

Slide 12- Image #12 including critique.

Slide 13- Your 1st image. You will need a title.

Slide 14- Your 2nd image. You will need a title.

Slide 15- Your 3rd image. You will need a title.

Slide 14- Your Resources. Example-
Slide 1-
Image #1- www.
Slide 2-
Image #2- www.
Slide 3-
Image #3-
Image #4-

You may have more or less slides. Keep it casual.

Project Checklist for Straight Shadow, Straight Reflection, Shadow and Reflection

Name ____________________________________ Hour ______________________________

Digital Photography 1

Images dropped in the Drop Box (1 of each)
Self Critique turned in
Straight Shadow (10/3)

Straight Reflection (10/3)

Shadow (2)

Reflection (2)

Michigan Art Education Association Region #3 Show



Congratulation to the 5 students chosen to compete in the MAEA Region #3 Show.


Thursday, 5 February 2015


This past week your were suppose to take 10 shadow and 10 reflection photos. The reason for this exercise is to see how difficult or easy it is to do this. I heard many times that it was hard and what did I mean about reflections.

Here is a link to 50 Stunning Examples of Reflections

Another resource is 100+ Creative Examples of Reflections in Photography.

The article, Quick Tips: 4 Steps to Remarkable Reflection Photography, has ideas for creating your own reflections and finding them.