Thursday, 24 July 2014

Welcome to Digital Photography 1

Welcome to Digital Photography 1 at Skyline High School. My name is Mrs. Giltner and I will be your teacher. I look forward to an excellent semester. This class is both practical and creative. In order to fully appreciate the scope of Photography as an Art I will be focussing on the history, rules and guidelines as a base and than we will move into our lessons or creative endeavors.

To begin with I have a test to see if we will have a successful platform for our class. After you are done reading this I need you to input an image from your Google Plus account via the images url into the comment section. I would like you to pick out a photograph you took over your summer vacation or something that tells me about you and your relationship with photography. I can be simple or complex, silly or serious, or beautiful or not. You pick. Just a quick note: if you have had a Picasa account in the past it will now be Google. The best way to get the url on a Mac is to click control (keep it held down) and than click the mouse pad or pad. Otherwise right clicking on the image should give you the same result. If you are working on an iPad or other devices, I would recommend playing around until you get what you seek which in this case in the image url.

Once you have the url you will need to go to the comment area and follow the directions: Need to add an image? Use this code [img]IMAGE-URL-HERE[/img]. You will need to insert the url where the IMAGE-URL-HERE was.

All comments and images are private so only those in the class will be allowed to post. As a word of caution: Please be respectful.